Currently VaxEffect is only available through Health Care Professionals. Please Contact Your Doctor’s Office Today to Learn More.

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For Individuals

Contact your doctor and request VaxEffect

The VaxEffect Immune Response Test is currently only available through your health care provider.

Please contact your Doctor and request the VaxEffect Test. Your Doctor can find more information on how to order the test at:

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Monitor your well-being

At VaxEffect, we are passionate in providing powerful information to help monitor your well-being.

VaxEffect has been created to assess the effectiveness of all vaccines, beginning with the COVID-19 vaccine.

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The COVID-19 Vaccine Immune Response Test is the…

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First and only patent pending quantitative COVID-19 serology test built upon a flow cytometry platform.

First test created exclusively to Quantify and Track an individual’s immune response to COVID-19 vaccination or prior exposure to the virus.

Multi-Parameter flow

Compared to other serology platforms, such as ELISA and lateral flow, VaxEffect uses a multi-parameter flow cytometry technology platform.

Provides significantly more information and delivers high clinical sensitivity and specificity as well as a wider range of detection than traditional tests.

The VaxEffect test has been developed, validated and analyzed in a CLIA Certified and CAP accredited, High Complexity Laboratory.

Patients with Immune Compromised Conditions:

VaxEffect Test Response

The VaxEffect Test is uniquely created to detect weak but positive immune response results due to its wide dynamic range.

VaxEffect Test Fighting

Including those who are fighting cancer, with diabetes, or with auto-immune issues, who may have generated a weak immune response to the vaccine.

VaxEffect Test Vigilance

A medical professional may ask these individuals to remain vigilant in staying safe from virus exposure and consider having a booster shot when available.

What separates VaxEffect from all other available COVID-19 Serology tests?

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Low blood sample volume needed

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Greater than 99% clinical sensitivity and specificity

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Qualitative result to determine if you generated a positive immune response to the vaccine

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Quantitative result to understand the level of antibodies induced by the vaccine

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Repeat testing and reporting to track vaccine effectiveness over time

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Allows you to know if you had been exposed to SARS-CoV-2 in the past

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Turnaround time for VaxEffect Test results in one to two business days after receipt

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Results can be compared to others who have taken the test and also have a unique VaxEffect Score