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What is the turn around time for this test?

  1. The test is performed Monday-Friday. Turn around time is one to two business days upon receipt of sample.

Can we ship for Saturday delivery to testing lab?

  1. Yes, samples can be shipped to arrive on Saturday

Will you report the results to the appropriate state agency?

  1. Yes, we will report results as required by law or CDC/State policy

Does this test demonstrate immunity to SARS-CoV-2?

  1. The test detects antibodies to the viral proteins which indicates either exposure to the virus or previous vaccination. Antibodies are believed to be protective but complete immunity has not been demonstrated.

Is a person who has a low level of antibody post vaccination less protected than a person who has a higher level of antibody post vaccination?

  1. That question cannot be answered at this time. A protective level of antibody has not been determined.

Does a negative test rule out exposure to the virus or previous vaccination?

  1. No. It takes time after vaccination or exposure to produce antibodies. The test is most useful if blood is collected at least 14 days post vaccination or exposure.

    Blood collected less than two weeks post vaccination or exposure may contain antibodies at a level below our detection limit. A repeat test is recommended if a patient is negative but has had a recent vaccination or exposure.

How much is the VaxEffect Test?

  1. Requesting VaxEffect Sample Collection Kits is free, the first VaxEffect test is $119 / patient, subsequent VaxEffect tests with same patient will be $99 / test.
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